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ATLAS Short Locate System

CenterPoint is excited to announce the launch of our new proprietary stock locate system…ATLAS

The addition of this new locate tool will not affect your ability to use the other existing locate routes in the same manner you currently do.

Trader Acknowledgement

Before allowing use of the Atlas locate tool, we want to ensure our clients understand the terms of use for Atlas locates.  By clicking below, you acknowledge that:

The Atlas locator is a discounted locator tool and therefore will not be eligible for any of our discount programs.

All short positions established using an Atlas locate must be closed out by the end of the day.

Short positions established with an Atlas locate that are not closed out by 3:30 PM Eastern Time are subject to close out before the market close on that same trade date, or on any trading day following the date the position was established.

CenterPoint’s trading desk has complete discretion in determining who may or may not have access to Atlas locates.  Violations of the no overnight policy described above may result in the removal of the Atlas locate dropdown from your trading platform.

There are quantity limits per symbol, however reaching those limits will not impact your ability to locate on our other locate dropdowns.


Atlas Ack
Acknowledge and Accept by clicking below:
Optional, but preferred.